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Site Rules & Guidelines

1) We DON'T ALLOW the seeding/sharing of livemetallica dubbed dvds and/or livemetallica audio shows (MP3 or FLAC). They will be DELETED. We also DON'T allow links to other sites who maybe sharing these shows.

2) Racist remarks, homophopic insults, and unprovoked bashing of members will not be tolerated.

3) Public abuse of staff and/or their actions will result in a ban. While we welcome suggestions to the staff regarding the site, please do not slander us, or use rude and abusive language.

4) Posts not relevant to the original topic [aka "post whoring"] will be removed. People who consistently post whore will be warned.

5) Seeding / uploading official [read: anything that can be bought in a store, online or offine] albums, DVDs etc will NOT be tolerated. These include LiveMetallica shows, shows featuring LiveMetallica audio and other official live releases such as Cunning Stunts. The sharing of illegally obtained, or unofficial versions of official releases [such as bootleg versions of Garage Days] is also prohibited. Metontour videos which are added on a unofficial dvd source, are also forbidden to seed/upload to our tracker.

6) Asking for and / or attaching or uploading of child and adult pornography will result in an instant ban.

7) Selling or profiting from downloaded material and/or bootlegs in general will NOT be tolerated. Those caught will be banned from the forums.

8) Keep your windows open. is a community of sharers - without sharing, people don't receive shows.

9) For asking a request from a show you must have a decent ratio from 0.5, or above that. You can reach that to seed more then you take and/or upload a show. "Sharing is Caring".

10) Supporters [those whom donated] are exempt from the ratio, although we strongly encourage supporters to maintain a similiar ratio.

11) Before posting, please read the stickies in each forum for additional information and specific rules. Also, use the search function to see if your inquiry has already been addressed.

12) If you want to download a show, you have to post 10 times in our forum (postcount 10), no spam please!. After doing that, you will see the attachment (download link) in the video/audio thread, to download the show.

13) The maximum sizes for avatars is 80x80. Signature picture sizes are to be restricted to 400x100. Attachments are limited to 100kb unless you have specific permission to attach a larger file.

14) You are allowed to have one account per member. This is to prevent people from avoiding bans and cheating on their ratio. People with multiple accounts will be banned from the site.

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