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    1982.07.06 - No Life 'Til Leather Demo Studio Tape + Rare Bonus [320kbps]

    Don´t give the credit to me, I´m not the one who got the tape, just passing it on Glad

    1. Motorbreath 3:21
    2. The Mechanics 4:31
    3. Jump In The Fire 3:51
    4. Seek & Destroy 4:53
    5. Phantom Lord 3:38
    6. Metal Militia 5:14
    7. Hit The Lights 4:21
    8. Ron & James' "Unfinished Song" 2:36

    Well here it is! This is the original recording
    of the No Life... studio sessions. There were
    only 2 of these tapes produced (the session was
    recorded on 2 separate machines simultaneously,
    one as a back-up). One of the tapes went to Lars
    Ulrich and the other to Ron McGovney, Ron gave
    his tape to me. These tapes are the pre-edit
    recordings, they include all the false-starts,
    count-ins, voices, etc. These 2 tapes are also
    referred to as the first-generation No Life...
    tapes (to put things into perspective; the tapes
    that were released through the fanclubs are
    4th-generation No Life..., way over-edited). In
    a nutshell, here is your chance to grab a 2nd-gen
    No Life... recorded from my 1st-gen tape.

    Now for the "RARE BONUS": This is the ONLY recording
    of this song/demo/outtake in existence. This is
    definitely EXCLUSIVE to KINDTORRENTS! It's an
    untitled, unfinished song written and played by
    James Hetfield and Ron McGovney recorded in mid-1982.
    Ron is playing the bass-line on his Gibson Les Paul.
    Friends of the band have speculated that it sounds like
    the beginnings of a song on Ride The Lightning, you
    guess which song, shouldn't be too hard. This song
    isn't part of the studio-session recordings, this was
    recorded separately in Ron's Garage on his Panasonic
    tape-recorder. See if you can pick Ron, James and Lars,
    and what each one says.

    From Ron McGovney himself:

    "It is No life Til Leather in the original order that we recorded it , along with a riff that James and I were working on. If you hear the words " It's ready to go , go " that is me speaking. We recorded No Life starting with Motobreath because that was the newest song at the time. James was just finishing the lyrics to Motorbreath in my car on the way to the studio! See Ya! Ron"

    Taken from, where Ron is a member.

    Hope you enjoy it.
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    I have to check this out!! Thanks for sharing it.

    Just out of curiosity, why torrent instead of megaupload?
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    amazing!!! thanks dude!!
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