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    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Woodstock 1994 [PRO][1DVD]

    Red Hot Chili Peppers - Woodstock 1994

    My favorite concert :)

    video A
    audio A


    1 Give It Away
    2 Suck My Kiss
    3 New Peppers
    4 Stone Cold Bush
    5 If You Have To Ask
    6 Organic Anti-Beat Box Band
    7 Yellow Plane
    8 Blood Sugar Sex Magic
    9 So Fuckin' What
    10 My Lovely Man
    11 Higher Ground
    12 Under The Bridge
    13 Me And My Friends
    14 The Power Of Equality

    time 1:18


    Anthony Kiedis
    Chad Smith
    Dave Navarro

    CYA !!!

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    ...please post in the correct forum. [MOVED]

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    Yeah! The Peppers on metfuk :cool2:

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    And Holland For All
    Thread on uploader/seeder his request pulled and torrent deleted.
    Touring for two years was more than my body could take.
    You're there and your head tells you that you have to go on,
    but your body is close to giving out. Five to six days a week,
    i was on stage for about two and a half hours every night.
    Doing that for over two years, my larynx didn't feel great,
    it felt like my vocal cords were just falling apart
    -James Hetfield-

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