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    Notice of Infringement - Torrent --- need help

    hi guys.... need help on this one.....

    as you can see on the pix (enclosed in red)... what do you mean by that...."first found" and the "last found".... did the client really download the whole movie file or just the .torrent file?

    thank you very much for all the help i would get.....


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    Hum, hard one. It seems like the "first found" and "last found" means the time they detected it, and the information below seems like they detected that your client had downloaded the whole movie? That's how I read it, anyways.
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    Yup they detected you and will now be contacting your ISP to inform them that you have been downloading Copyright Material.

    Sony is all over this as they put a ton of money into the new Terminator movie and don't want to see their investment going to people who refuse to pay 10 bucks to go to a theater.

    Happened to my buddy and they cancelled his internet when he refused to stop downloading movies.

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    damn sam :(

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    Try getting emails twice, for the same exact infringement. For better or worse, they said they couldn't prove what I downloaded, even with their detailed logs it showed no information and they were not sure why the company send them 3 requests to disable my internet even though their exact time and dates were duplicated on 2 of the 3 situations and even funnier is my ISP showed I no Internet access during either of the applicable times the company had said I infringed..lmao.

    So, the ISP apologized, reconnected my service and credited me. The exception, I am sure rather than the rule :)

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    ive been downloading torrents since 2004. I've downloaded all sorta stuff: music, videos, movies, games, software, ebooks etc... and never ever gotten any complaints.

    Few days ago my dad wanted an ebook of harry potter, i downloaded that and the next day my ISP gave me a warning about it. Funny how for the past 5+ years I've downloaded all kinda shit and the only thing that I get a complaint for is about an ebook. I've downloaded software worth thousands of dollars (adobe cs4 full suite).

    Anyways it doesn't bother me because I never download ebooks, atleast not novels... only manuals.

    The best to do is use PeerGuardian. It doesn't matter really if you are only downloading bootlegs but if its other stuff then its better, especially now that I got a warning for a book (jeez... aren't those guys that wrote Harry Potter like super rich?)
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    I have seen stranger things. How about a company reporting the same program 3x to get action quicker? My ISP did that and what I did was ask for exact times of the infractions and all 3 were the same exact time, so they not only disregarded the information from the company that sent it they removed it from my records and had proof that my Internet was actually down during part of the time the company had said I caused the

    They pick up the stupid things sometimes...just the way it goes. My experience with Clearwire ended that way, but I covered my ass and made sure I had information, in writing from the regional manager before I signed up. Once they determined that I used too much data, which I had warned them, beforehand, they had no choice but to let me out of my contract, with NO

    Now there is Clear which even though not the same company completely, it is basically the same, but newer technology, they claim unlimited bandwidth and that the only way I can see the TOS is to sign up for a 1 year contract. I DON'T THINK SO!

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    dont lose any sleep over it man...ive gotten prob 4-5 of these...and only your ISP knows...and they will worn you everytime, but 99.99% of the time they wont report it to the distributor (sony in this case) because they would rather keep you as a customer and keep taking your money then reporting you, losing money, losing customers

    just be more careful and read comments before you download...most of the time ppl report if the download is being tracked

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    You're ISP won't bother to do anything on their end unless the copyright holder decides to go further but usually they DO NOT because your ISP does not give out info. Most all ISP's protect their people who use the service. Since you are already paying

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