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    Vine Rules

    What is a vine?

    A vine is a great way to share bootlegs within a community through the mail / post without having to set up individual trades.

    How a vine works

    A member (known as the seeder) puts up a show(s) they want to vine, and then forum members sign up for the vine according to their geographic location.


    Rest of the World.

    When adding your name to a vine, be sure to use the LAST posted list in the thread. Cut and paste the list into your reply, adding your info to the bottom of the list. Also, please copy the entire list, not just the section that you are in.

    Sending and Receiving vines

    Once a person sends / receives the disc(s) they must post in the vine thread the “in & out” date.

    eg. “username” IN December 6 OUT December 9

    Vine Rules:

    1. You must be an active member of the site and have a ratio of at least 0.50 in order to participate in the vines.

    2. Once you receive a show you have 5 days to send it on to the next person on the list. We understand that everyone has a life and certain situations may arise without any notice. So, if you find yourself in a situation where you are unable to send out within the required time frame, you MUST inform a member of the staff AND the person who is next in line that you will have to send it out after that 5 day limit.

    3. If you feel the need to remove yourself from a vine, make sure you update the vine status by giving plenty of notice so that your name can be removed from the list. Please do not wait until you are next in line before announcing you are dropping out of a vine.

    4. Please always copy and paste the files from the VIDEO_TS Folder directly to your HD. Do not copy by doing disc-to-disc or any other similar methods. Burn copies of the discs for yourself and send the ORIGINAL discs on, unless you receive discs that are in bad shape.

    5. If the discs you receive are damaged / lost / or for whatever reason you are unable to copy them, ask the person above you for a reseed. If they cannot help you, start working your way back up the list until you find a reseed. PLEASE notify the staff either by PM or by posting in the vine thread itself if you cannot find a reseed or if you continue to have problems.

    6. Only use high quality media. Also use protective sleeves and bubble mailers and please do not write on the discs.

    7. Make sure you give your address out to the person who is before you well in advance to keep things moving quickly and smoothly. If the person above you does not have your address by the time they are ready to send and have made attempts to contact you without success, then you will be skipped and face the possibly of being banned from participating in any future vines.

    8. Once vine sign ups are closed, do not post in the thread asking if you can join. There will be enough time from the vine being announced to being seeded that if you miss out, you only have yourself to blame.

    9. Lastly, it is YOUR responsibility to keep the vine moving smoothly. If the staff feel that someone is causing the vine to have any problems then they can / will stop the vine from continuing and that person will be banned from participating in any future vines.
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