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    MUSTAINE on reunion with ELLEFSON: This is about the powerful healing of forgiveness

    Dave Mustaine has posted the following message in the "Forums" section of the band's official web site:

    "Five more days and I will be standing in a hotel room getting ready to start my day again on the 2010 MEGADETH world tour.

    "I know that I have said that there was not much gas left in the tank over the years, and I know I have a reputation for changing my mind, but we all do tha; it's just my choices are more public than most of y'all's.

    "I can't tell you how rewarding it has been to make a new start with [returning MEGADETH bassist] David Ellefson, and I can't tell you all of the other people that I have come across that are happy for me, for us, for MEGADETH, and for heavy metal.

    "This changing of my mind was not so much 'me' changing my mind, as it was the spiritual renewal of my mind, and having a new outlook on life for the past few years that has really never had a chance to be publicly displayed.

    "This is not about me or my growth, it is about the powerful healing of forgiveness. I am really more grateful for David forgiving me for whatever I had done that harmed him or his family.

    "I am very grateful for everything that has led up to us being reunited in the studio and soon to be on the stage. From Southern gentleman James MacDonough [ex-MEGADETH bassist], with his edgy bass playing, unstoppable energy, and his upbeat disposition to James Lomenzo [who was dismissed from MEGADETH earlier this month], who also had a unique style of holding down the bottom end, while teaching us all how to continue through the mundane touring life and maintaining class, dignity, and respect for everyone.

    "I never encountered a single second where either of these guys were not the most kind and considerate of men, so it was hard when the times came to move on, and this all brings me back to where it all started; with my best friend of almost 30 years, David Ellefson, 'the bassist' of MEGADETH.

    "While we were apart, these two fine men sat on the throne for the bassist in MEGADETH and served us all, band and fans alike, very well. I will always be eternally thankful to the two James.

    "We start rehearsals up again today.

    "All of the sound crew was in Vic's Garage [MEGADETH's recording/rehearsal studio in San Marcos, California] yesterday, and started setting up the PA for us to start vocal rehearsals. This should be interesting, because this is going to be the real telling on how long it will take me to learn how to sing and play this record at the same time.

    "Let's face it, while everyone's gig is extremely challenging for this next ['Rust In Peace'] Anni Tour, I believe I am going to have the hardest job of us all, and I doubt I would feel as confident going into this if it wasn't for my band mates. I am sure that Chris [Broderick, guitar] has a huge workload too, but I am telling you, this guy is from another universe. See for yourself, or maybe not, because the shows are selling out and the ['Rust In Peace'] record is not going to be part of our repertoire going forward. So this is it.

    "By the way, I heard from Shawn [Drover, MEGADETH] that while doing an interview to India, the interviewer had the audacity to ask Shawn — the drummer — 'if [former MEGADETH members] Nick Menza [drums] and Marty Friedman [guitar] were coming back.'

    "The answer (besides, get some manners) is a resounding NO! Stop asking!!!

    "Next! We finally finished the top-secret project I have been working on and let's just say that I have no doubt that it will be in just about every heavy metal music fans' hands, one way or another, within the next year.

    "I am so thankful for the turnaround of events and for MEGADETH being able to be a part of your music life for so many, many years.

    "From the moment we started working on this new track until just Monday, it was a nail-biting experience, but also from day one until its completion we were being challenged by the excitement of the project, keeping it up to the quality that they expect from us and that they deserve, all while trying to contain all of this good that has been happening for me and for MEGS.

    "I really hope to see you all and thank you in person on this next tour for sticking with me while I sorted out my life and while David and I were not playing together. I especially want to thank you for giving David such a warm Droogies welcome home!"

    MEGADETH's setlist for the "Rust In Peace 20th Anniversary Tour"] will include the entire 1990 album plus the following MEGADETH classics:

    * Set The World Afire
    * Wake Up Dead
    * In My Darkest Hour
    * Sweating Bullets
    * Skin O' My Teeth
    * Head Crusher
    * A Tout Le Monde
    * Symphony Of Destruction
    * Trust
    * Peace Sells, But Who's Buying?

    Touring for two years was more than my body could take.
    You're there and your head tells you that you have to go on,
    but your body is close to giving out. Five to six days a week,
    i was on stage for about two and a half hours every night.
    Doing that for over two years, my larynx didn't feel great,
    it felt like my vocal cords were just falling apart
    -James Hetfield-

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    So will they play Christian songs? No drinking and inappropriate behavior?

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    the youthansia lineup was the best that megadeth had

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    Quote Originally Posted by darklotusrulz View Post
    the youthansia lineup was the best that megadeth had
    Why do you call the Menza/Friedman lineup the Youthanasia lineup?

    Surely that is the Rust In Peace lineup?

    Only kidding.

    Threw me a bit with Ellefson returning to Megadeth....

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