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    Your Favourite Metallica Album & Why!

    My favourite Metallica album is Justice, or to give It's full name:

    ...And Justice For All

    I must say that I have been listening to that album since it came out and haven't tired of it once! I have however been into Metallica since Ride The Lightning came out!

    I personally feel that James Hetfield has lost the agression in his singing he once had! He seemed to change his singing style round about the time of the Black album. This is the reason I think that Justice is thier best album to date! I like how Hetfield sounds agressive and his voice has balls, unlike his style now sadly! All of the songs on Justice are intricate and veer of in different directions, which keep you hooked on listening to it!

    I will go as far to say that this has got to be one of my favourite albums of any band!!!

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    Master Of Puppets
    Ride The Lighting
    Kill 'Em All

    these are my favorites albums. I think are master pieces and I can't choose only one. I love all their albums with Cliff, for me this was the best era... when they ruled the world :beavisnbutthead:

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    Ride the lightning is probably the best album because the whole band really developed going from kill em all which was all thrash ( but still an amazing album) to playing some slower but still heavy stuff. Plus, james' voice is amazing on ride the lightning.

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    Master of Puppets

    My favorite album is Master of Puppets, it's a killer a album and Cliff was awesome

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    My 2 ex-aequo fave albums are RIDE THE LIGHTNING and MASTER OF PUPPETS, because they're both classics from A to Z. I mean, every song is a masterpiece, whether I worship it or not, I must admit it. Moreover, those 2 albums are a perfect reflection of Tallica's spirit at that time, I would definitely pick one of those 2 if I had to introduce a friend to Metallica...

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    i love all the early albums upto the black album but i never tire of listening to this album. I just wish they would play justice more as this is my favorite metallica track of all time.

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    And justice,
    I think this is the best album of metallica.
    All of my favorite songs are in this album.
    songs like One, To live is to die, Blackened ...

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    Reload is my fav album at the moment. Kill Em All is my fav metallica album of all time.

    The past year I have really fallen in love with reload and appreciated it so much. I used to listen to it while going to college and it grew on me so quick. There are so many underrated tracks on that album that I didn't even know about. Carpe Diem Baby has this very catchy riff and a very different mode. Thats what I love about Reload, each song has a different feel and mode. Carpe Diem Baby, Attitude, Bad Seed, Better Than You, Where The Wild Things Are... just amazing stuff.

    I can listen to this album over and over again and not be bored. Where as with the first 4 albums I easily get bored and can't listen to them continously because all songs are fast, have the same feel and mode. Reload is not like that, its totally different. It has fast stuff (fuel), slow stuff (carpe diem baby), heavy stuff (devil's dance) and everything else in between.

    That being said, I wish they would play atleast 2 songs from reload on the setlist. Take out one song from TBA and take out seek. Replace them with Devil's Dance and Attitude. Have them rotate that with other songs like Slither, Carpe Diem Baby, Better Than You, Bad Seed.

    Kill Em All holds a special place in my heart. It was my first Metallica album and its what got me to love the band. Everything on this is fast, catchy and kick ass. It was perfect for the time being, I was in high school and needed something that had attitude, something that would totally blow away my mind and Kill Em All was the cure. It brings back lots of good memories, I still cannot manage to play Jump In The Fire on guitar, its too damn fast the main riff haha
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    Master of Puppets

    Feeling,Lyrics,compositions...and the their thrashest song ever Dissposable heroes :metal:

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    justice. it never gets boring. it's so complex. but it took years until I really could appreciate. I cannot understand Lars' opinion that he thinks they overdid it with that album and that it's the least timeless :dunno:

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    Kill'em All :yourock:

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    Its really hard to say "That album is the best", but i like RTL/MOP era very much. :)

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    I can't say I have one favorite but if I had to pick one I'd have to go with S&M.
    Dunno why but every time I listen to it, it sends shivers down my back!!

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    I have two favourites: Justice and Death Magnetic.
    Justice was my first metallica album and it blew my mind totally. The aggression, the massive guitar sound, the songs... it was pertfect.
    DM was so loooong waited and I had high hopes for it, because the guys had so much fun making it.
    It was just as good as I thought... even better. I love the riffs, solos and James' voice on DM.
    These two albums are the ones I never skip any songs. :metal:
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    Black Album Hands Down!

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