Dave Mustaine and SLAYER guitarist Kerry King took part in a joint interview for the September/October 2010 issue of Revolver magazine. An excerpt from the chat.

Revolver: You both recently took part in the seven Sonisphere "Big Four" shows in Europe with METALLICA and ANTHRAX. What was that like?

King: It was one of those rare moments when everything comes off even better than you expected.

Mustaine: It was awesome. It was just like back in the day when we were all just four young bands getting to know each other and hanging out. The first time I went onstage [in Warsaw], James [Hetfield, METALLICA guitarist/vocalist] was up on my side and did that little knuckle-punch thing with me. It was a really cool moment.

Revolver: Was it awkward to share a bill with METALLICA, the band you cofounded and were later kicked out of?

Mustaine: No, it was exciting. We've all wanted this to happen for a long time, and METALLICA finally decided the time was right. Before the first show they threw a dinner for the bands, and I went up to James and said, "I don't want to repair our relationship. I'd like to have a new one." And that's pretty much what I said to Kerry when I saw him in Japan. I mean, we're all older now. Back then, I said stuff that was regrettable and I've grown up a lot.

King: I kind of think of this as ground zero. This is our new starting point. Let's go from here and try to learn each other again.

Revolver: Will the "Big Four" tour be coming to the United States?

King: That's the first thing I said to James when I saw him. I went, "Dude, if this goes well, there's no reason to gyp the rest of the world. Everybody else wants to see this show, too."

Mustaine: All of our camps have talked, and Lars [Ulrich, METALLICA drummer] flat-out said to me that he wants this to keep going. He talked about it going on next year. And our agents say there is talk about this happening in 2012. So everyone's talking about it now. It's just a matter of making it happen.