Credit to sjmike for being the original source of this topic

You will need to have Bittorrent installed to upload and seed torrents.

1. Don't share your username/password !!
2. Don't seed official releases (* this includes LiveMetallica audio) !
3. Don't seed or post links to any software, warez, porn, offensive material !
4. Do Not Post Links To Attachment/torrents! It WON'T work so don't bother.
If we find out who, you'll banned instantly.
*All the above, will get your membership removed*

Making the torrent

01. Download MakeTorrent and install it.

02. To start MakeTorrent, go to the folder on your harddrive where you installed MakeTorrent (C:\program files\Maketorrent 2) and click the maketorrent.exe.

03. Recommend switching to Classic Mode instead of Simple Mode. Its easier to create a torrent from a folder this way.

03a. Select the folder (ie. Metallica 2003.06.26 - Roskilde, Denmark [SBD][shn]) with the file(s) you want to make a torrent of.
Make sure your files are not 'read only', to check right click the file, hit 'properties' and look at the bottom of the window
that comes up. If it is 'read only', just uncheck the box 'read only' and hit 'apply'.

04. DON'T CLICK ON THE 'Create .torrent' BUTTON, YET!! You need to setup the tracker information first.
Failure to do will result in your torrent not working properly.

05. Click on the 'Settings' tab.

Once you have the tracker information setup you'll never have to visit this screen again.

05a. For Name enter: Metfuk

05b. Announce URL:

05b. Website URL:

06. Then click the Add button.

07. Click the "save now" button.

08. Now, click back on the Create Torrent tab

09. Where it says Tracker: select Metfuk from the drop down list

10. Now, click on the Create .torrent now! button

10a. You'll be prompted to save it somewhere on your HDD. Make sure you save it somewhere you can find easily it afterwards.

Uploading the torrent
01. Create a new thread (please try to follow the naming guidelines posted ) and enter as much information as you know about the show you are seeding

02. Then scroll down to the Additional Options section and click on Manage Attachments

03. Select the .torrent file you want to upload (the one you just made probably).

04. Hit Upload.

05. Click Submit New Thread

Seeding the torrent (most important) if you don't do this, your torrent will not be downloadable for others!!

01. Once you create your torrent and upload it, delete the torrent you have on your harddrive and download the boards version.

02. In Bittorrent, select the folder with the files you made the torrent of and hit 'start'. Bittorrent will now check your existing file.

03. When Bittorrent finishes checking your existing file and it says 'finished' you are seeding. If Bittorrent was 'allocating' the file, you saved to the wrong folder.

04. Now wait untill people start to download your file and keep your seed up at least untill some people can download the complete file from you!!

Reseeding the torrent (helping out others in the Bittorrent community)

If you see a torrent you already finished and it has some leechers but no seeder, help them out by reseeding your full fileso they can finish theirs. Even when you got your file from another site you can seed/reseed, just make sure it is the exact same file and then follow the steps below.

01. Click the link on the website and start the torrent.

02. Make sure you save the file to the folder/file on your harddrive with the file you want to reseed.

03. Make sure Bittorrent checks your existing file, when Bittorrent starts to 'allocate' you saved to the wrong folder, hit cancel and try again and delete the file Bittorrent allocated to your harddrive.

04. When Bittorrent has finished checking your exisiting file and it says 'complete' or 'finished' you are reseeding, watch the leechers start to download from you and know you helped out the Bittorrent community.


Using uTorrent to create a new torrent file:

1) Go into File > Create New Torrent [or ctrl + N].

2) Select the directory where your torrent is located.

3) In the 'Trackers' box, type:

4) Select 'Create and save as...'