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    Problem with Buenos Aires 5.8.93 leomet 2000 Final release

    Hi wondering if anyone else had problems with this show, i have tried burning it several times onto verbatim discs using DVD Fab 8 and IMG Burn and all 4 discs are unplayable. The menu functions normally but as soon as the show starts the video pauses, skips, loses synch and speeds up and slows down sometimes it stops all together, i have tried it in 3 different dvd players all medium to high end players and no difference. On my PC VLC Media cant play it... media player classic also cannot play it and i have the latest codec packs installed, ive never encounted a problem like this before.

    Has anyone else had this problem or are my dvd files somehow corrupted.

    Would anyone reseed it please because its all i can think is that somehow the files are corrupted or i had a bad download ( i downloaded it from here about a year ago i think).

    I will donate $5 to the site and donate 10 GB upload data to anyone who reseeds it.


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    No matter i burnt it again this one works... 4 burns to make it work never happened before

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