I found this to be very interesting considering I'm a huge fan of both Metallica / Megadeth, more of Megadeth the Rust In Peace lineup, thought i would shy.. BTW very cool forum keep up the good work...

Former Megadeth members Nick Menza and James Lomenzo made headlines with the news that they were planning on forming a new band and had started their working partnership by laying down some Metallica covers. Now some of those covers are starting to pop up, including a newly released demo clip of their cover of Metallica’s ‘Creeping Death.’ followed by a full version of Motorbreath. It's also been rumored that duo will recruit Marty Friedman and Chris Poland and tour covering the best of Metallica / Megadeth followed by original material some time in 2015

The un-mixed samples of the jam can be heard below, rounded out by guitarist/vocalist Davor Garasic of the Croatian thrash metal act Sufosia. The raw jam shows great promise for what’s to come.”

Menza says, “James is a top-notch player with a killer sound and I’m totally pumped and looking forward to creating some heavy original material with him once we officially solidify the rest of the lineup.” lots of original material is in the works, just doing a few covers to keep the chops up until LoMenzo completes his touring obligations, Though Garasic took part in the ‘Creeping Death’ and Motorbreath jam, it is unclear if he’s part of the duo’s future recording plans.

While Menza and Lomenzo are both Megadeth alums, they didn’t overlap during their time with the band. Menza joined on drums in 1990, but was long gone by the time that Lomenzo started his tenure with Megadeth in 2006. During their late June jam session in Studio City, Calif., the duo also rocked out a few other covers, including their previously revealed rendition of Metallica’s ‘Motorbreath.’