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    1995.08.26 - Castle Donington, England [multiple sources]

    Here's all the sources I have for Donington 95

    1st source / WVMonster / RZK
    2nd source
    3rd source
    4th source / RZK / Zarko
    5th source / Dave I. / LeperMessiah26
    6th source / J.S / Unforgiven
    BobMetallicaFreak - supposedly the same as the 1st source
    Dirty Windows Italia- supposedly the same as the 1st source

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    There are a few more as well, but of course, just boots. No pro shots.
    Would love to see a pro of that show. I had so much fun and was so lucky to be at the Astoria II show just before.
    Made my trip from OZ worthwhile :)

    I shot a version myself that did the tape trading circles but Ive never released a digital version (PAL Hi-8) and here is another one (this is taken off the master - I know the original filmer and uploaded this copy (off master) )

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