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    We're Closing...

    As of November 01/20, metfuk will be shutdown.
    A BIG thank you to everyone who supported us over the years.
    Its been a great 20 years!!!!


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    kind of a shock, but no surprize to be honest. Let say the trading bootleg community has changed alot since the early 00's, even more in the 10's.
    this site was always the go-to place to get new Metallica shows but alot of the NFT & gofundme crap happened and everything went down.
    it's been a great ride on my side for the last 15 years.

    Farewell to one very nice place.
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    Thank you James !!!

    James ... ty man ... you ran this amazing site for 2 decades, so ty ty ty.

    It seems like yesterday we were all part of Metshrine with Pyros and SJMike and all them and then you started this site. It was always a great place online for Met shows and all other things Metallica related. And brought together a great bunch of very dedicated Met fans ... an awesome community to have been a part of :D

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    thank you for 15 years of pleasure to be here
    "kind of a shock, but no surprize to be honest." as said Cabanon
    there are not a lot of active members for years :-(

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    oldfan, I've sent you a message, please check it when you can.

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    Thanks for everything was a great time!

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