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    Megadeth-1992.07.14 - CTE Launch-New York

    Megadeth-1992.07.14-MTV Studios Countdown to Extinction Launch-New York [NTSC] [PRO]
    I recorded this on my VCR way back when and did a quick transfer to DVD. No menues.
    Ignore the annoying hosts and watch Megadeth...
    1.Symphony of Destruction
    2.Interview w/Dave
    3.Dave at the Democratic National Convention 1992
    4.Skin O'My Teeth

    This one will be sent out to have it 'done right' at a later date with some other Megadeth and Met stuff I have on VHS.

    I'll be posting more Megadeth from each era later so if you like it give a nod to sjmike for the suggestion.

    Want to trade? Drop me a line.

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    thanx :-)

    btw it should be in this forum

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    where is the seeder???

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    hmmm the most important thing is that the torrent file is missing imho

    Quote Originally Posted by Megalomania View Post
    where is the seeder???

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    HI Sunil, nice to see you here too

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    Please re-seed!

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    i hope it happens,i want it!

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