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    1984.11.18 - Paris, France [AUD][FLAC]

    November 18, 1984
    Paris, France
    Espace Ballard
    Length: 1:25:46

    Source: Audience (B-)
    Lineage: AUD > Unknown Gen Cassette > WAV (SB Live/CEP) > FLAC
    Transferred: ranskal

    Set List:

    DISC 1 (1:00:33)
    1. Ecstasy Of Gold
    2. Fight Fire With Fire
    3. Ride The Lightning
    4. Phantom Lord
    5. The Four Horsemen
    6. Bass Solo (Cliff Burton)
    7. For Whom The Bell Tolls
    8. Trapped Under Ice
    9. The Call Of Ktulu
    10. No Remorse
    11. Seek And Destroy
    12. Whiplash

    DISC 2 (25:13)
    1. Creeping Death
    2. Guitar Solo (Kirk Hammett)
    3. Metal Militia
    4. Happy Birthday Kirk
    5. Jump In The Fire
    6. Motorbreath


    Another high energy show from 1984...Paris really like Metallica! The crowd is really excited to see Metallica
    again, you can tell by Jaymz' reaction before Seek. This is a special show as it's Kirk's birthday and the
    band and crowd sings happy birthday to him. They also performed a rare Trapped Under Ice which has only been
    played a total of 4 times!

    This is straight from my cassette, I have not tried to clean it up at all, I didn't want to mess with it.

    Enjoy the show!!!


    PS - I saw this requested a while back and I saw a reply about the show being crappy sounding...I wouldn't consider this crappy sounding. It's not spectacular but it is definitely listenable...There is a sample attached.
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    thank you.

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    thanks:) :)

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    Thanks a lot man, a show in Paris is always special

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    Thanks for this one!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ridethemessiah View Post
    Thanks a lot man, a show in Paris is always special
    Always special...
    Thank You !!!!!!! ;)
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    Nice. Thanks a lot!

    Trapped Under Ice \,,/

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    thanks a lot man. I have the mp3 of this show and i just heard the sample and this is definately an upgrade!
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    thanks a lot again!

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    Thanks for this......i have a 3rd gen cass "raw" transfer of this show....your copy seems to be a touch better sounding to me. (cuz mine has a touch of hiss)

    so maybe yours is lower gen? ;)

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    Thank you for this kick-ass show!
    We die hard

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    Thank you! Great seed!:)

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    Thank You Very Much !:)

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    Thanks a lot again
    I wanna trade
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    i have an unknown generation cassette > dat copy of this show, i'm
    downloading one track and will compare to my source... fwiw i rated
    mine "VG/VG+"...

    i will post my results...

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