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    wow... thanks bro.. this looks mighty badass

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    Quote Originally Posted by MoTB View Post
    My first torrent for you zombie fans out there.
    This is a White Zombie pro-shot DVD and itīs a killer show.
    Hope you like it.

    White Zombie - 01-26-96 Hollywood Rock, Rio de Janiero, Brazil
    Source: TV, to VID(M), to DVD(2)
    PRO A/A+

    Audio Codec: AC3
    Audio Bitrate: 0xbd[0x80]:48000Hz 256 kb/s total (2 chnls)
    Video System: NTSC 29.970 fps
    Video Bitrate: 9586 kbps

    Interview 1
    Interview 2
    Concert (approx 58 min):
    Electric Head Pt. 1 (The Agony)
    Super-Charger Heaven
    Real Problem No. 9
    Black Sunshine
    Welcome To Planet Mother Fucker-Psychoholic Slag
    I Am Legend (intro)
    Electric Head Pt. 2 (The Ecstasy)
    I, Zombie
    More Human Than Human
    Creature Of The Wheel
    Children Of The Grave
    Grease Paint & Monkey Brains
    Thunder Kiss '65

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    is this a dvd or dvdrip?

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    Itīs a DVD

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    Thanks man. Looks pretty good!

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    been wanting zome live zombie for a while. thanks!

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    i am waiting for Let Sleeping Corpses Lie

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    please seed torrent White Zombie - 01-26-96 Hollywood Rock, Rio de Janiero, Brazil

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    This Show The Best!!

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    please anybody upload this show to rapidshare or megaupload, i am looking WZ Hollywood Rock several months, i am very flustraded, WZ live concerts is very hard to find especialy this, this is very rare

    please, thank you very much

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    White Zombie rulez!!
    Thanks a lot, man! :)

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    thanks,great show men

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    white zombie live at rio torrent

    i m a great fan of white zombie..hw 2 dwnload white zombie live at rio

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    where is the torrent

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