Poll: How Long is Your Hair?

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    LOL. I guess I'd be considered a sellout. I cut my hair short back in 1994-95ish. Don't miss long hair at all. I looked terrible with it while other guys look cool with long hair.

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    Mine is real short:O never had longer than like 10 cm.. (4 inches i think)

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    Damn, I had my hair by the shoulders but yesterday I went to cut it out a bit and the hairdresser cut it more than I expected ! I'll just cut it again when Metallica comes to Portugal (I hope next year :D ).

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    na kanapie. :-D
    My hair - long...

    Long, long time ago - gone and won't be back. :D

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    short :)

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    i´ve should be working at a insurance, that means no long hair and no earrings.
    so i´ve cut my hair.

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    medium sizd hair, not too long, not too short

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    Longish, im growing it though!!

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    long,no haircut since the late 80's.

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    I have shoulder-length hair and it's a real disaster, sometimes I just want to cut it. That's because it is really complicated to handle with long hair every morning if it's wavy just like mine... Of course I have a tool for straightening it, here is the review on mystraightener. But I don't use it very often. Only when I need to go out somewhere :) All other days my hairstyle is a total mess :)

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    My hair is both too short and too long at same time.

    Too long because at the age of 46 my hair is getting thin and it shows more if "long".
    Too short because I would have like to have longer hair...

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    Pretty long

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    Pretty short... may start growing it back out!

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