Poll: How Long is Your Hair?

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    otter Guest

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    Jun 2008
    Short, never been fan of long hair on my own head :)

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    Very short >(

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    May 2008
    Mine was down past my ass at one point but due to various reasons i got rid. Now i'm sporting a quite close shave. It's much better for me not having to bother doing anything with it. I just miss it at gigs :(

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    Long. It'll be 4 or 5 years now :P

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    [x] longish

    first braid since ever ;)
    ...you ain't much fun since I quit drinking

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    short now :(

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    short hair

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    short but true !!! :D

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    Almost down to my nipples. It's curly too, so if I were to go mad and straighten it, it would be about 2 inches longer. It's not in the best condition, though.

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    At the moment its short, but im going to let it grow long again.

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    Short, I've tried long hair but can't stand it during summer :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by zec View Post
    Short, I've tried long hair but can't stand it during summer :P
    aha. better be bald and happy :D

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    To my shoulders right now, I had a hair cut a few months ago.

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