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    Quote Originally Posted by leglessmoof
    Screenshot taken from his "trip to Tampa" video that he seeded here.
    YOu think you could re-seed that?

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    Still can't quite believe this, this is what I posted at Metpage:


    I guess I didn't speak with him much outside of Metpage, but on the site I came to know him as a great guy. He had a lot of good things to say, and he sure knew a lot about Metallica, and of course Star Wars as Sj said above.

    When I was saying just the other day that we were missing a lot of good people that used to grace the site, I had no idea one was actually gone for good.

    RIP mate...... -_-
    and after his brother posted later in the thread:

    Matt, thanks for taking the time to come online and fill us on on this tradgedy. I can only imagine what you and your family are going through, and i hope you know we are all behind you.

    I think you can see from the replies here, how well liked and regarded Adam was among the online community.

    He always seemed so ready to give, expecting nothing in return. Being reminded earlier in the thread of the time he was stripped to his underpants outside a Metallica show was a good example of this. I mean, it was so funny and obviously embarrassing for him at the same time, yet all he could think about was how he'd let us all down by not taping the show! I'm pretty sure I was one of those who downloaded his car trip video from Metfuk, although I'll be damned if I know where it is know, hopefully someone can reseed it for us, it would be a nice thought I think.

    Matt, it seems like you're a top bloke as well, it must run in the family! Offering to complete trades is just an unbelievable gesture considering what's happened. I'm stunned...what a gesture!

    And as for offering out Adams old shows, well I hope no one is going to be bugging you for stuff now, but I think you'd be safe with that list of Current Traders you have now, they're great people, and as Bleix said, I'm sure they would work to spread it out to the community.

    And Bleix, props to you for offering to release an original show, I'm also a fan of that era of Metallica, and I know Adam would have loved to have seen it too.

    The fact that Star Wars is coming out this week is another sad part of this whole deal, I don't know what Adams beliefs were, but I'd like to think maybe he's getting an advance screening somewhere, he deserves it.

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    i never knew him very well, but he was a great person


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    That is so sad ,I hope that the bastard who did this is caught so the family might have some closure ,although it can't change what has happened ,he is in a better place now ,it is very sad for the ones he leaves behind though ,who miss out on his company.He's probably rocking with Cliff right now.
    Hopefully if anything positive can happen from such a tragedy is to teach us all what can happen if we drink and drive

    RIP Dude
    Condolences to his family and friends

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    Quote Originally Posted by oldfan
    YOu think you could re-seed that?
    Sure, I'll do it sometime in the next couple of days [unless someone else beats me to it].

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bleixmaster
    Oh yeah i know that now but when the news was just posted at metpage deeds also told me that he was shot down tha's why i posted that. I cahnged that now. R.I:P man

    i never did say shot :cow:, i sent you the link to the thread i made

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    Kemi, Finland
    Like Ozzy said: Life sucks and then you fucking die :(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metllica
    i never did say shot :cow:, i sent you the link to the thread i made
    Didn't you? Then sorry i must hav heard it from somewhere else or missunderstood it... :homersimp

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    I haven't been here for a LONG time, but I felt to urge to react to this shocking drama :(

    Someone mentioned on metpage:
    Adam always was and will be a class act, I've known him for a few years from our trading days back on #metallica's^garage on irc. He always went out of his way to help others and was disappointed when he couldn't. He was always very passionate in everything he did.
    What was his nick on #metallica's^garage?
    Since I've been there pretty much from the beginning (and still am) I might know him even more than I realize.
    How horrible it must be for a big Star Wars fan as he to not live to see episode III so close before release...

    R.I.P. bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow_Zero
    What was his nick on #metallica's^garage?
    His nick was Rastuken

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    RIP Rastuken. I didn't know him personally but He was a great sharer.
    My Trading Site (Still a major work in progress):

    Hidden Content

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    I just watched this video for the first time.
    Adam man your the shit, thanks a fucking ton!!!
    I only wish I would have watched this before your accident.

    Thanks :)

    I'm definately going to something special for this kid!
    Anyone finished re-authoring this yet?
    I believe two people are doing it.

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    In Memory of Adam Zaremba 1985-2005

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    Just finished watching the video, very sad indeed, very cool that he felt so bad about not being able to tape the show for everyone else, guess that kinda reflects what person he was...I didn't have any dealings with him, but from reading other's comments on here and on Metpage, and watching the video does give me a better idea of what he was actually's a damn shame that someone can just be taken away like that, especially when its someone from this big community :(

    RIP Adam

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    Any further news on this?

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